Mission of the Trust

  1. To convince all stakeholders particularly local people to realize the reality of the present situation and future necessity to develop a passion for protection and conservation of forest including biodiversity & wildlife with special emphasis on elephant and work for this.

  2. To act steadily and systematically for achieving first zero human casualty followed by zero elephant/wildlife death with simultaneous minimizing the house and crop damage to maximum possible extent.

  3. To act as a people connect for establishing link among local inhabitants, frontline forest staff and all other stakeholders for a concerted & coordinated action by bridging up trust deficit gap among them.

  4. To build up a village based voluntary force through constitution of “ Hati Sathi Vahini “ to assist villagers to mitigate the depredation in collaboration with forest officials.

  5. To take proactive step for quick payment of compassionate amount to the victims by pursuing with concerned authorities to repose confidence of people in Forest Deptt.

  6. To conduct periodical studies to ascertain the factual position of habitats, corridors & people’s perception and apprise the appropriate authorities for remedial measures.

  7. Last but not least to strive relentlessly to restore the age old peaceful coexistence of human and wildlife including elephant.