Barring few stray incidences, wildlife specially elephants and humans were by and large co existing peacefully since long. With advent of time, demand on forest resources including wildlife habitat has been increased alarmingly because of huge requirement of ever growing population. As a result, a fierce competition emerged between human beings and wildlife significantly elephant for space, food and water. It gradually turned into a fight dominated by Elephant-Human conflict at present and has become a menace in Odisha. The damage of crop/houses has also increased many times so also the casualties of both sides. People being grappled with this problem developed an antagonistic attitude towards wildlife particularly elephant. As a result, conservation of wildlife particularly elephant is at stake. Elephant being a keystone species, is imperative for conservation of Forest & Biodiversity. So protection & conservation of elephant is a matter of serious concern for the state. Though Govt. is taking a lot of measures to contain this issue through relentless effort of forest officials and also the people are trying for the same, but to no avail. It appears a concerted and coordinated effort with involvement of local people in true spirit is lacking. It is perhaps due to trust deficit between Forest Deptt. and local people. Realizing the above situation, Save Elephant Foundation Trust was established with an objective for protection & conservation of wildlife in general & elephant in particular as well as safety of human life & property on account of wildlife depredation in a win-win manner by extending support to Forest Deptt. particularly frontline field staff and local people.


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Dr. Tulishree Pradhan

Legal Consultant